Toddlers (age 2-3yrs)

JKA's Toddler Program

At JKA our Toddler Program provides your child with the love and understanding that is needed for this age group. We understand the frustrating times that toddlers have with expressing their feelings and putting their feelings into words, so our well balanced and structured curriculum focuses on this and provides stimulating activities to not only keep their minds busy but their little fingers and bodies as well.

The toddlers in our program discover a "Love for Learning" and all of this is provided in a warm, loving, secure and very stimulating environment. The Teachers have designed the toddler classroom with the toddler child in mind, providing them with the developmentally age-appropriate toys that can be found on easy accessible shelves that are right at the child's level to help promote independence which will help to build confidence and self-esteem in your child.

Our Teachers help and guide your child to learn and develop at their own pace and to encourage your toddler to be curious, to explore, to be independent, to play, to share, to take turns and how to communicate with others and most importantly to help them to discover new, fun and exciting things in the world around them.

Through this active developmental approach your child will learn to feel comfortable with others as well as with their teachers. They will learn to express their feeling and to welcome new experiences.

Our program will help to nourish your child's social, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs, by providing many opportunities in art, science, language, math, music & movement and many other exciting activities throughout your child's day.

Our Toddler program provides your toddler with the special ingredients that are needed to help your child "Learn & Grow"